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Compiling financial statements

You do not feel like and are not obliged to produce the financial statements with an audit opinion, but you would prefer to have them compiled under the supervision of a chartered accountant. This is possible at HMB Accountants! In light of the applicable legislation, only companies who meet certain criteria must produce an audit opinion with their financial statements. Naturally, there are also many clients who would like a voluntary audit opinion with their financial statements. This is often requested by the financier or the shareholders. For those companies, who do not find this important but would prefer the security and the involvement of an accountant when compiling financial statements, we are able to provide you with financial statements in a professional and efficient way from your own administration.

You can rest assured that the financial statements will be compiled according to the compulsory set of requirements. The in this field to be executed work mainly consist of the collecting, processing, classifying, and summarising of the financial data. The nature and size of the work entail that they cannot result in the certainty concerning the fidelity of the financial statements which arise from an audit form or an EI declaration.


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